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Painted Rock My Newest School


I’ve moved to three different schools. First I went to R.S.F school, or Rancho Santa Fe school, I loved that school especially the lunch its not as gross as the cafeteria lunch you get at normal schools. This school was located in Ranch Santa Fe, San Diego,CA. Then I went to a school in Cupertino,San Jose,CA. This school was just like a normal school same lunch and eveything, but they had an event at school like every month it was so awesome.I really liked that school. Finally there was Painted Rock it also had the same lunch like othere schools and it was a perfect size, but I loved this school the most. Nobody threw the year was mean to me and eveyone was really nice and was always being them selves, counting me. My teacher was Mrs.Cook she was the funniest,nicest,kindest teacher ever. Most people dont like math but if you were in her class she made math into a game. If she got distracted she usually had a song for it and she would let us go around the classroom singing and dancing. Once she taught us a dance called the Hand Jive its really fun and a big work out. We did lots of fun things this year including, San Juan Capastrano, Gold Rush Musical, and lots of other things that if I named them it would take forever. The end of the year was the sadest week of all Katie my friends and I were all happy because of SUMMER, but upset that we wouldn’t see each other in forever. It was sad. Last day of school most of my friends were crying I told Katie ” I bet your going to cry at the end of the day and she said no but at the end of the day she was crying so hard,” poor Katie. Abby,Mikayla,Quinn,Mrs.Cook,Katie,And I were all crying.


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