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My Friends in the Bay Area


I’m in 3rd grade. My teacher is really nice and a little funny. We have 24 students in the class counting me.

I have made lots of friends. There are 13 girls and 11 boys. They come from India and from all over the US.

Sofia is one of my friends. She lived in Denmark for many years and her parents are from Mexico. They also lived in San Diego.

She can speak Spanish and English. She is a little bossy sometimes but she is worth it. We have fun together.

We do ballet and musical theater together. She is in my class also.

Chloe is one of my friends. She was voted to student council. She is a nice friend. She sits behind me in class.

Marcos is a boy in my class. We went to second grade together and we are in third grade together. He also got elected to student council.

I was also elected to student council and I get to go to the meetings if Marcos or Chloe are not there.

My friend Radika was my second friend at school.

Ainai is my little buddy. She is in 1st grade.

I like my friends in the bay area.