Hi today I am going to tell you about my family.

I will tell you about my sister, step sister, brother and step brother.

First I will talk about my sisters. Rosalie is my sister she is very funny and playful. She makes my friends and me laugh. I like to play with my sister. We like to go on girl scout adventures together.

Now I will tell you about my step sister Cailin. She likes dogs and plays with me. She makes me feel better and never fights with me. She is one of the best people that I like to play with. Cailin also makes me laugh.

Calvin is my step brother he is the same age as me and his birthday is on the same day as mine. Sometimes he is funny.

My baby brother’s name is Benjamin he like to play with me and make me laugh. Once he jumped on my bed and tried to wake me up. He is very funny.

I am Amelia and I make people feel better and make people laugh. I love all plants and animals and my friends too.

By  Amelia