La vida en Jocotepec Jalisco, Riviera de Chapala



The world cup is this summer.YAY!!!!!!! Everyone is talking about it,everyone. But who wouldn’t. I’m rooting for MEXICO. GO MEXICO,VIVA MEXICO. They’re playing right now my mom is screaming like crazy. I’ll be blogging the whole time. People in the croud are dressed like people in TV shows in MEXICO,and mexican wrestlers,too. It’s hilariouse. I’m also rooting for the USA of course. Mostly for MEXICO though. I’m getting ready to scream GGGGGOOOOOLLLLL. Yesturday the USA got super comfident that they were in the lead and then Portuagal scored a goal. It was a tie.

Mexico World Cup Team 2014

Mexican Fans dressed as Lucha Libre.

Mexican Fans!


El Chapulin Colorado.