La vida en Jocotepec Jalisco, Riviera de Chapala

Amelia Townshend 2012-11-06 23:26:12


I am going to tell you about my friend Adeeba.  I am also doing this  because she kept begging me to wright about her.  She also told me to wright that.  Now I will tell you about her.We met by well just playing with each other at school .We started playing a lot together and became really good friends.  Now we still are friends.  I know a lot of things about her now.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves to play with people .  She also sometimes talks allot  but she is still my friend.  She makes me laugh allot like today when she said if her but was covered in mud Stacy and I both laughed.





ADEEBA   IS MY FRIEND                                                                                           ADEEBA  ROCKS